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Nursing programs

That cater to the increasing demands of nursing profession. it is very well known fast that with an increasing health consciousness.
The quality of health services has also improved well trained, specialized nurses are being recruited by health care organizations all over the country.
Students of nursing have job prospects in government or private hospitals nursing homes clients old age homes orphanages, industries, military services, schools and various other places kasturi group offers the edge for you to succeed with our high quality teaching faculty and teaching methodologies.

Why It Works

Kasturi mission is to be the best nursing college in India and to provide comprehensive train to the students kasturi will be the quickest to adopt and improve.with the changing technology and produce world class nurses to cattier to the global market.

Welcome you to the family of kasturi group of institutions which established kasturi school of nursing in the academic year 1991-1992 and has helped several batches of students to pursue their dream Carrere in nursing. We all know that there is a great demand for nurse in India and abroad and it is also true that their is a serve lack of talented nurses every where hence we extended branches as group of our institutions ,remedyson ,tejeswi son in year and later we also started b.sc nursing programmers namely i.con ,p.con to introduce talented nurses to the society we make sure every student is given individual attention to help them learn at their place.


Our Facilities

Highly qualified and experienced faculty are always at service of the students in class rooms as well as in clinical setting.
Our faculty will be always supportive and approaches to every student which is a a basic ingredients to as professional education.

The class rooms are designed as well ventilated spacious well furnished which provides a peaceful and suitable environment to promote academic learning at kasturi group of institutions.

Well equipped library provides students with latest periodicals ,magazines, journals, news papers etc..
specialized blocks in all the subjects are made available for the benefit of both static and students and e-library also provided

Which provides a great opportunity to develop demonstration skills in all nursing subjects where ever necessary
well equipped modern labs nursing foundation lab .pre clinical science lab ,community lab, anatomy and physiology lab , microbiology lab ,bio chemistry lab, pediatric lab, maternity lab, computer lab, &nutrition lab etc..

Comfortable hostel facilities provide a safe and comfortable stay which is most suitable for young girls the food is made in ultra hygienic conditions with high nutritional content.

the students have the round the clock transport availability to help them travel safely to engage with hospitals to full fill their

Students are given hands on train at various hospitals like
1.ogh hyd
2.gmh hyd
4.gandhi hospital
5.imh erraadda hospital
6.phc moosurabadh
7.uhc saroornagr rr district for field
Opportunities are also provide for students to visit various health and social projects for their learning experiences

Provide students with a well developed urban and rural community health center with various health welfare activities which involves the field experience in various settings in health and family welfare society like immunization health camps etc.

during the course students will be for the educational extending tour and field visits. expanses will be collected from the students.

1.students enjoy a lot of life at campus management and staff are friendly and approachable
2.students are encourage to participate in cultural activities ,sports and celebrate various events in campus
3.special arrangements will be made to conduct seminars ,group discussions.
4.immediate response from the management in case of emergency health situations.
previously some students underwent surgeries in case of emergency situation under the guidance care of management.

1.students are eligible for 40 days leave annually this is arranged accordingly to the convince of the hospital and their institution.

2.weekly exams: every week & every month wee are conducting the weekly exams and monthly exams & internal exams the students knowledge in academics and find out to the difficulties in theory, practical exams
3.if there is any loss or damaged to apparatus, equipments and furniture of the institute due to student negligence, the cost of same will be recovered from the student
4.student will be allowed to appear for the examination only offer clearing all dues.
5.if the management has a doubt upon the performance of the trainee, such trainees admission will be cancelled even with out showing any reason
6.the management has the right to modify the rules and regulations in respect to of discipline from time to time
8.progress reports in respect of each student will be sent to parent periodically if necessary. 9.trainees should buy all books records printed and supplied by the management.